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  • Adults in a workplace environment collaborating

    Explore the coordinating systems needed for Workforce Development and learn how to develop or revise a workforce development system to address best practices for the provision of accessible materials and technologies.

  • Guide

    AEM Center at CAST, 2021

    Use the AEM Navigator to make informed, accurate decisions about the acquisition of accessible formats for students who need them.

  • National Center on Accessible Educational Materials logo, CAST mark

    The AEM Center at CAST offers free resources—including videos, policy briefs, articles, and quick reads—to support our goal of increasing the availability and use of accessible educational materials and technologies for learners with disabilities across the lifespan.

  • How do you know if a learner needs accessible formats? You will find answers to your most common questions about the first step in a multi-step process for acquiring these formats for learners who need them.

  • Webinar
    Quality Indicator 3 icon.

    3:00PM – 4:00PM ET on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

    Join a discussion with AEM leaders from Florida and Texas about policies and guidelines that support the provision of accessible educational materials (AEM) for all learners. What should be included in policies? How are guidelines developed and communicated? Who shares in the responsibilities? To get the most out of the webinar, please review AEM Quality Indicator 3 ahead of time. And because the process of providing AEM requires collaboration, gather your colleagues to watch the webinar together!

  • Guide

    AEM Center at CAST, 2023

    This guide is aligned with the Quality Indicators with Critical Components for Providing AEM and Accessible Technologies in Higher Education. Using the Innovation Configuration (IC) for the AEM Quality Indicators, campus/system representatives identify the level that best describes the implementation stage of each Critical Component, from “not started” to “robust.”

  • Numbered circle: 1. Determine

    Determining a learner's need is the first step in a multi-step decision-making process for acquiring accessible formats.

  • Guide
    graphic showing text being read aloud on multiple devices

    AEM Center at CAST, 2021

    Learn detailed yet easily implemented techniques for evaluating the accessibility of open education resources in a variety of formats.

  • Screenshot of the AEM Pilot tool

    The AEM Pilot is an interactive web-based tool that guides K-12 districts and states to become more inclusive learning spaces for students with disabilities. Building background knowledge about accessible educational materials and technologies, conducting self-assessments, and monitoring continuous progress are all facilitated by the AEM Pilot.

  • Presentation
    Icon of person presenting in front of an audience

    4:00PM – 5:30PM ET on Thursday, July 21, 2022

    Perspectives and recommendations will be provided on how to use the Quality Indicators to educate institutional leadership on the cross-cutting effort required to create a coordinated system for providing accessible materials and technologies.

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