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AEM Center Resources

The AEM Center at CAST offers free resources—including videos, policy briefs, articles, podcasts, and quick reads—to support our goal of increasing the availability and use of accessible educational materials and technologies for learners with disabilities across the lifespan.

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The Accessible Learning Experience

Explore the world of accessibility and UDL in this monthly podcast.

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AEM Center Webinars

Our free webinars bring the AEM Center's world class technical assistance right to your device.

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AEM Center Videos

Experience accessible educational materials in action in our growing collection of videos to explore and share with colleagues.

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Featured AEM Center Resources

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Accessibility Conversation Starters

Discover accessible learning across the lifespan in these short and informative videos designed to start conversations about the importance of accessibility and accessible materials in your context.

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AI & Accessibility: Supporting All Learners

This summary includes a literature and policy review, interviews, and focus groups with subject matter experts.

AEM Center at CAST


Improving the Accessibility of State Mandated Assessments

Find initial considerations for improving the accessibility of state-mandated assessments for students with disabilities.

AEM Center at CAST


OER: Ensuring Inclusive Learning in Uncertain Times

Learn about evaluating and selecting appropriate and accessible open education resources.

A. Hashey, et al.

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Build Your Accessibility Skills

Visit our online learning series to learn how to select, create, and acquire accessible materials and technologies for everyone who needs them.

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To further explore concise definitions and explanations of common terms and acronyms related to AEM and its features, visit the AEM Glossary.

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