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About the AEM Center

The National Center on Accessible Educational Materials for Learning at CAST provides technical assistance, coaching, and resources to increase the availability and use of accessible educational materials and technologies for learners with disabilities across the lifespan.

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Why accessible materials & technologies?

Accessible versions of educational materials may mean the difference between learning barriers and learning opportunities.

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NIMAS is a technical standard used by publishers to prepare “electronic files” that are used to convert instructional materials into accessible formats. NIMAC is a national center that stores NIMAS source files from publishers.

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Graphic communicating the AEM Center’s national reach via products and services as of March 2021.

Our impact, by the numbers

We're reaching all 50 states + with our technical assistance, providing intensive technical support to a cohort of seven states, and constantly developing new resources for our visitors and followers.

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Upcoming AEM Center Events

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Designing the Future to Be Accessible

This session will focus on practical steps educators can take to ensure the materials they design follow accessibility best practices by implementing the POUR principles of accessibility.

12:50PM – 1:50PM ET on Thursday, July 29, 2021

Latest AEM Center Resources

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National AEM Center Impact by the Numbers, October 2019 – March 2021

Learn more about the AEM Center's technical assistance throughout the United States from October 2019 – March 2021.

National AEM Center at CAST


AEM Navigator

Use the AEM Navigator to make informed, accurate decisions about the acquisition of accessible formats for students who need them.

National AEM Center at CAST


Protocol for Curating Accessible OER

Learn detailed yet easily implemented techniques for evaluating the accessibility of open education resources in a variety of formats.

National AEM Center at CAST

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