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  • Guide

    AEM Center at CAST, 2021

    Best practices for preparing NIMAS filesets when textbooks are adopted or purchased.

  • Presentation
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    12:00AM – 11:00PM ET on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

    Learn about the benefits of EPUB as a format for creating customizable and adaptable publications for K-12 education, from textbooks to student-created stories.

  • Guide

    AEM Center at CAST, 2020

    Practical information about creating a NIMAS fileset for publishers and conversion houses.

  • Guide

    PACER & AIM Centers, 2010

    Some students with disabilities have difficulty reading textbooks and other learning materials. For example, a student who is blind may not be able to see a book, and a student who has a physical disability may not be able to hold the book. …

  • Guide

    PACER & AIM Centers, 2010

    Some students with disabilities have difficulty reading and accessing standard print and learning materials, such as textbooks and supplementary materials. To succeed in school, these students need learning materials in specialized …

  • Get to know the definition of accessible formats in copyright law that helps guide the decision-making process for providing usable formats to learners who need them.

  • Webinar
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    2:00PM – 3:00PM ET on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

    In part one of this three-part webinar series, you will get to know EPUB, a format for creating accessible, customizable, and adaptable publications and documents (from textbooks to student-created stories and more).

  • Podcast
    The Accessible Learning Experience | CAST, Illustrations of a microphone, sound waves, digital text, and wifi

    National AEM Center at CAST, 2021

    In part 2 of our three-part series focusing on the history of accessibility at CAST, CAST co-founder Skip Stahl picks up the story from David Rose in the mid-1990s, when CAST becomes more involved in the world of policy in order to have a broader impact.

  • Adapt the provided sample language for NIMAS in your purchase orders or contracts with publishers and vendors.

  • Adults in a higher education environment collaborating

    Explore the coordinating systems needed for Higher Education and learn how to develop or revise a higher education system to address best practices for the provision of accessible materials and technologies.

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