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State Instructional Materials Resources


These state instructional materials resources are provided to include information on statutes and policies, special education responsibilities, and more.

State Textbook Adoption Policies

State Textbook Adoption
In 2013, the Education Commission of the States (ECS) compiled a comprehensive overview of state and territory policies regarding textbook adoption. This includes information about whether each state or territory has state-level textbook adoption or local education agency-level adoption, and whether that state or territory has a free textbooks provision.

State Textbook Adoption Resources and Organizations

State Instructional Materials Review Association (SIMRA)
SIMRA provides information regarding state textbook adoption, presentations and conferences for and about textbook administration.

Additional Resources

State-level resources may be helpful in identifying local organizations and companies that can support content development.

State Assistive Technology Act Programs
This listing of state assistive technology programs is hosted by the Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP) and includes a complete listing in Excel format available for download as well as a state-by-state (and territory) list in HTML.

Local Education Agency (LEA)

Agency legally authorized to provide administrative control or direction of publically funded schools.

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Equipment or system where principal function is creation, conversion, duplication, control, display, interchange, transmission, reception, or broadcast of data.

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