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NIMAS for Producers

AEM Center Notes

A May 2020 Notice of Interpretation from the U.S. Department of Education permits the NIMAC to accept NIMAS filesets created from digital materials.

The NIMAS Q&A provides answers to common questions related to the implementation of the NIMAS and coordination with the NIMAC.

Visit NIMAS Exemplars to download a fileset that illustrates the creation of NIMAS-conformant content from a digital material.

The National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) is a technical standard publishers can use to produce source files (in XML) that may be used to develop multiple accessible formats (such as Braille or audiobooks).

In addition to the technical specification, our NIMAS Exemplars provide NIMAS-conformant filesets you can inspect to learn more about best practices based on the technical specification and the DAISY Structure Guidelines.

MathML is the recommended way to represent mathematical notation in NIMAS. For more information, visit MathML in NIMAS

Visit Resources for Publishers and Conversion Houses on the NIMAC website for additional resources related to the production of NIMAS files. 

More for NIMAS File Producers

NIMAS Technical Specification

Learn about the baseline and optional elements in version 1.1 of the NIMAS Technical Specification

NIMAS Exemplars

Review exemplars that illustrate NIMAS best practices.


Learn about the requirements for using MathML in NIMAS filesets

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