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NIMAS Exemplars

By studying the exemplars on this page, you'll better understand the best practices for creating NIMAS-conformant files.

A NIMAS-conformant fileset consists of the following items:

  • NIMAS 1.1-conformant XML content file
  • OEBPS 1.2-compliant package file (NIMAS OPF file)
  • PDF-format copy of the title page or whichever page contains copyright and ISBN information
  • a full set of content images at 300 dpi resolution

You will find more detailed information on mark-up and image file organization in Creating NIMAS Files. 

NIMAS Baseline 1.1

This exemplar includes a basic NIMAS fileset with most of the baseline elements for NIMAS 1.1. Since its purpose is as an easily understandable example of a NIMAS 1.1-conformant XML file, this exemplar is not representative of the complex layout of many K–12 education textbooks. 

Download the Baseline NIMAS 1.1 Exemplar 

These supplementary files are informational in nature and are not part of the required NIMAS fileset:

Note: CAST holds the copyright for the content included in this exemplar and provides permission to use it for educational purposes. It should not be re-posted to other sites or used for commercial purposes. 


This exemplar includes required metadata that has to be present in the NIMAS package (OPF) file. 

For more information on preparing NIMAC OPF files, please visit the NIMAC website.

NIMAS from Digital Materials

Under a Notice of Interpretation (NOI) from the U.S. Department of Education, the NIMAC can accept NIMAS files produced from digital instructional materials when these materials can be produced in valid NIMAS format.

This exemplar consists of a NIMAS-conformant XML file derived from the title All About Coyotes available online in Clusive, a product from the Center for Inclusive Software for Learning (CISL). The exemplar includes images at 300dpi to conform to NIMAS requirements. 

Download the NIMAS from Digital Materials Exemplar

NIMAS and MathML 3 

This exemplar represents a simple example of MathML 3 inside a NIMAS fileset. It contains MathML 3 code and the appropriate metadata for the proper use of MathML 3 code as part of the NIMAS 1.1 specification. It does not include the complete XML tagging structure that would be required for an actual textbook. 

Download NIMAS 1.1 Exemplar 12: MathML 3 

The MathML Guidance document from the NIMAC has additional information on the use of MathML in NIMAS filesets.

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