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S.03, Ep.05: Inclusive Early Childhood Education for Students with Visual Impairments



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Diana Garcia-Mejia is a Pre-K teacher of students with visual impairments who is passionate about accessibility and inclusion for all students. On this episode, Diana shares many practical tips and ideas for ensuring young learners with visual impairments get off to a strong start in their educational journey. That includes learning about braille and other supports, including assistive technology, as early as possible. The conversation with AEM Center Technical Assistance Specialist Luis Perez touches on the importance of involving families in braille education for young learners, ensuring representation by providing role models for young learners with visual disabilities to emulate and be inspired by, and much more. Stay tuned to the end to learn about an exciting project Diana was involved in: What I Can Be Is Up to Me, an accessible children’s book featuring characters who are blind or visually impaired.


  • Diana Garcia-Mejia


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