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Other Format Conversion Tools


Dolphin Easy Converter
Dolphin's web site describes EasyConverter as able to create "Large Print, MP3, DAISY and Braille versions of learning materials that can either be scanned from paper, or input from Word, PDF, HTML, or text files" and able to "convert from a wide range of file formats including printed hand-outs to downloaded PDFs, Word files, NIMAS content, and HTML documents."

Save as DAISY
A Microsoft Word add-in for multiple versions of Word, Save as DAISY is a “collaborative, standards-based development project between the DAISY Consortium, Microsoft, and Intergen.” It is derived from the DAISY Pipeline DTB conversion tool and automatically generates either DAISY-conformant XML or a full DAISY DTB from a Word document. The Word document used for conversion must be properly formatted in order for a quality output to be produced. For example, hard page breaks must be present in the source file in order for pagebreaks to appear in converted versions, heading levels must be assigned to text in order for headings to be recognized, etc. The Save As DAISY add-in is free.

Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY)

Technical standard for producing accessible and navigable multimedia documents.

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PDF (Portable Document Format)

Universal computer file type used to exchange and view documents on any computer with Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader software installed.

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National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS)

A technical standard used to produce XML-based source files for print-based educational materials.

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DAISY Consortium

Established the International Standard for the production, exchange, and use of Digital Talking Books.

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XML (EXtensible Markup Language)

Universal format for structured documents and data. Set of rules, guidelines, and conventions for designing text formats for data.

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Digital Talking Book (DTB)

Digitally encoded files containing audio portions and full text to increase quality and availability of information to print-disabled persons.

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