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Personalizing the Writing Experience


We often take for granted just how complex the act of writing is, and the range of mental and motor skills involved. These include executive functioning skills (planning, organizing, focusing and monitoring progress) that are required for learners to move from a blank page or screen to a finished product, whether it is an essay or a lab report.  We can all use some support when it comes to writing, and many of the resources shared in this section should be helpful to all writers.  

While each person goes about the process of writing in their own unique way, some distinct steps are typically involved: pre-writing, drafting, revising and editing. Learners may experience barriers in any of these steps of the writing process that can keep them from being successful. Fortunately, the devices many learners already own have a range of built-in features to support each stage of the writing process, and many free or low cost apps and extensions are also available when the built-in supports are not sufficient.

This section includes two pages: 

  • Pre-writing and drafting: this page focuses on the steps that help learners transfer their ideas into a tangible form as words, sentences and paragraphs.
  • Revising, Editing and Publishing: this page focuses on the steps that help learners refine their writing and prepare it for publication or sharing with others.