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S.03, Ep.04: UDL, Accessibility, and Podcasting: A Conversation with Loui Lord Nelson



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For our final episode of 2023, we are excited to welcome Loui Lord Nelson to the podcast. Loui, who herself is a master podcaster and the creator of the popular UDL in 15 minutes podcast, is an international UDL educator, consultant, speaker, and author. She has worked with schools, districts, universities, and ministries of education around the world to support UDL implementation and research, and you will hear about some of those experiences in this episode. Loui will share her UDL journey, which began at Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) in Columbus, Indiana, her insights on the importance of accessibility for UDL practitioners, and her tips for getting started with accessible podcasting as a way to grow the UDL community by sharing the work of the many great educators she has met on her UDL journey.


  • Loui Lord Nelson, President of The UDL Approach


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