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Designing Systems for the Future: Inclusive Technology Systems


Friday, October 25, 2024

12:00PM – 1:00PM CT

Closing The Gap
Minneapolis, MN

Kelli Suding, CAST
Michelle Soriano, CAST

Conference attendees


This workshop offers a comprehensive roadmap for implementing inclusive technology, equipping participants with practical strategies to identify and dismantle systemic barriers when integrating technology into teaching. Participants will gain a renewed perspective on what truly constitutes inclusive technology, explore its holistic approach beyond mere accessibility features, and understand how it considers diverse learner needs, cultural contexts, and equitable access. The workshop also empowers educators with a step-by-step process using an openly licensed systems change framework to assess existing technology practices, policies, and structures. Additionally, strategies for engaging leadership teams in championing inclusive technology initiatives will be discussed, ensuring that participants walk away equipped to design technology ecosystems of the future.

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