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Engaging and Educating Learners Using Accessibility and UDL-Aligned Technology


Thursday, March 14, 2024

2:15AM – 3:15AM CT

CEC 2024
San Antonio, TX

Kelli Suding, CAST, Jenna Gravel, CAST and Kristin Robinson, CAST

Conference Attendees


This presentation focuses on demystifying best practices around accessibility and introducing two universally designed, free, and available technologies that educators can use in their classrooms with all students. When educators have concrete action steps to help make their educational materials accessible and are able to employ UDL-aligned learning tools in their classrooms, they are able to increase the inclusiveness of their instructional practice, and, through that, support students in increasing engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. In addition to concrete strategies for using accessible educational materials (AEM) and UDL educational strategies, attendees of this session will be introduced to a robust portfolio of freely-available resources.

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