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AT Is Not Cheating! And Other Myths Debunked about Literacy Learning


Friday, July 14, 2023

2:00PM – 1:00PM ET

CAST Free Webinar

Kelli Suding, CAST, Sam Johnston, CAST and Susan Shaprio, CAST



All students should be able to independently engage in literacy learning. In this fun and engaging session, we will explore the importance of creating inclusive, accessible general education classrooms that anticipate and plan for learner variability. We will discuss how to deepen accessibility in our instruction and technologies so students can independently access and engage with the literacy curriculum.

Misconceptions arise sometimes in the minds of adults when a student uses accessible educational materials (AEM) and/or assistive technology (AT) to read or compose. Is it “cheating” if a student uses text-to-speech software to read a text? Is it “cheating” if a student uses word prediction software to compose a text? The answer is no - it’s not cheating; it’s learning! This session explains why and how AT and AEM can be and should be a natural part of how children develop literacy. We'll also hear stories about young learners facing barriers to reading and writing. What do their stories tell us about what we need next as educators?

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