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Systems Change in Higher Ed Digital Accessibility

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Tuesday, March 14 – Friday, March 17, 2023

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference
Anaheim, CA

Cynthia Curry and Luis Pérez, CAST, and Carolyn Phillips, Director, Center for Inclusive Design & Innovation, Georgia Tech

Conference Attendees


A range of complex societal and institutional factors contribute to persistent disparities in higher ed outcomes for students with and without disabilities. Based on the volume of related civil rights complaints brought forth by disabled students and disability advocates over the past decade, inaccessible course content and instructional technologies are undeniably among them. Clearly, institutions need to improve accessibility if they are to retain and effectively serve the increasing numbers of students with disabilities coming to their campuses and online programs. Vetted by experts in higher ed technology accessibility, the National AEM Center’s Quality Indicators assist institutions with planning, implementing, and evaluating systems for providing timely and high-quality accessible materials and technologies.


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