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AIMing for Achievement DVD


The AIMing for Achievement DVD includes content on a variety of topics that are important to the provision, selection, acquisition, and use of accessible instructional materials. The content of the DVD is of national impact; designed to be useful across multiple environments with differing models of service provision rather than highlighting a single model. The DVD contains interviews, supplementary information, and illustrative scenarios that increase awareness and knowledge that support timely provision of accessible instructional materials to students who need them for educational participation and achievement, including legal issues, a student-centered decision-making process, an overview of specialized formats, a review of multiple sources from which to acquire specialized formats, and an overview of which students can receive materials from each source, as well as detailed discussions about technology and other supports for using accessible instructional materials. Additionally, the DVD includes possible strategies for implementation and information to support individual states in developing a program that meets local needs.

Who is it For?

The AIM DVD, AIMing for Achievement, includes a range of information that is useful to people with varied interests and responsibilities related to the provision of accessible instructional materials. It can be used individually or by groups to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills of educators, administrators, families, advocates, and all who sit on IEP teams and other collaborative decision-making teams.

What is it Like?

View an introductory overview below.

Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)

Print-based educational materials converted into specialized formats, related to the requirements of the IDEA statute.

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Equipment or system where principal function is creation, conversion, duplication, control, display, interchange, transmission, reception, or broadcast of data.

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Individual Education Program (IEP)

Written plan individually developed for students identified as having a disability under IDEA.

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AIMing for Achievement Introductory Overview

Download the AIM DVD Table of Contents
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Download the AIM DVD Glossary

How can it be used?

The AIMing for Achievement DVD is designed for training and teaching purposes. The Table of Contents offers annotations of content in the chapters and the detailed running time for each segment within this information-packed DVD. The list will assist in planning for training sessions using this DVD. It is suggested that the use of the DVD is incorporated in a systemic training plan and is facilitated by someone who is familiar with the issues related to accessible instructional materials (AIM) and the state and local education agencies guidelines related to the provision of AIM.  At various times throughout the DVD, facilitators and viewers will be instructed to pause the video and discuss questions as a group.

AIMing for Achievement DVD Glossary

The glossary was prepared to accompany the AIMing for Achievement DVD and contains terms and their definitions for viewers who may not be familiar with acronyms and terminology currently used in the field of accessible instructional materials.

How do I get it?

Member states of the AIM Consortium have been sent a package of AIMing for Achievement DVDs to distribute in their states. Other states, freely associated states, and outlying areas have also been sent several complimentary DVDs for their use. The DVDs were sent to each of the state NIMAS/NIMAC coordinators. To find out the NIMAS/NIMAC Coordinator for your state, refer to the Primary Contacts for NIMAS/NIMAC page.

How can I order the DVD?

Additional copies may be ordered directly from DiscBurn. Pricing for the DVD has been established by this distributor and is based upon the quantity ordered at any one time. Please note that the AIM Center does not own the rights to all of the DVD contents and therefore cannot provide permission for others to duplicate the DVD. It must be purchased. There is no charge for the DVD’s content. Charges are for duplication, order fulfillment, and shipping by the distributor.

Visit the AIMing for Achievement DVD purchase web page.

Local Education Agency (LEA)

Agency legally authorized to provide administrative control or direction of publically funded schools.

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NIMAS/NIMAC Coordinator (NNC)

Primary contact for NIMAS/NIMAC-related queries and information dissemination. Each state or territory will designate one NNC.

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