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    AEM Center, 2013

    The PALM Initiative Booklet provides an abbreviated and unified version of the eight handout and guidance documents provided by the AEM Center. The PALM Initiative (Purchase Accessible Learning Materials) was launched to ensure that digital educational materials are designed to be useable by all students from the start.

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    The PALM Initiative was launched to ensure availability of flexible accessible learning materials in the marketplace.

  • LEAs play a critical role in ensuring that all instructional media that is purchased is accessible and usable by all students. IDEA includes important specifications related to the provision of print instructional materials which mean printed textbooks and related printed core materials. The purchase of both print and digital instructional materials will be addressed below.

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    Why provide accessible educational materials and accessible technologies for students? Find out more about this topic along with some guidance regarding AEM.

  • Map of the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska

    As part of its intensive technical assistance efforts, the AEM Center works closely with a group of eight states to identify and disseminate best practices related to the provision and use of AEM. This page describes AEM-related work in Texas.

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    The Quality Indicators are designed to assist with the implementation of statutory requirements that apply to state and local education agencies, institutions of higher education and workforce preparation agencies.