Getting Started

As a team works through the decision-making process, the Navigator collects the decisions made along with any notes entered into text boxes at each point. All are included in a summary that can be viewed at any time, saved to a local computer, or printed.

The following student information will serve as the heading of the summary. The information will be secure and no student data will be shared or tracked. Teams may elect to use a student’s name, or a number or some other identifier if there is a concern about entering a student’s name.

Enter student information:

If a team would like to save an unfinished summary or retrieve a completed student summary for future use, enter an email address below and a link to the summary will be emailed to the address provided. This link is the only way to access a student summary after exiting the Navigator for viewing, editing, or printing at a later date. Providing an email address is optional. If an email address is not provided, users will not have access to the summary after this session has ended. If you've entered an email address but still didn't receive an email link, check your junk mail box or ask an Information Technology (IT) Specialist if emails from are being blocked.

Enter an email address (Optional):

Enter team members completing student summary (optional)

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