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NIMAS Exemplar 10: Exemplar and Conversion Project: All About Coyotes


This exemplar contains a series of filesets ranging from baseline NIMAS 1.1 source files to complex output versions. Its purpose is to demonstrate a variety of possible products available from a NIMAS fileset with varying levels of additional mark-up. Several versions are currently provided in the series, each with different features, suitable for different uses.

CAST UDL Editions Version

This content sample includes leveled supports; a multimedia glossary; value-added activities and resources; a TextHelp Toolbar for text-to-speech, highlighting and gathering, and other features; and translations between English and Spanish. 

Baseline NIMAS 1.1 Exemplar

The baseline NIMAS 1.1 files comprise the basic NIMAS fileset that would be submitted by an educational publisher. There are two baseline sets provided: the first set includes images at 72 dpi and the second set includes a set of images at 300 dpi. Images for this selection were originally created at 72 dpi for use in online environments. They have been scaled up to 300 dpi for additional uses.

These exemplars include the following, one for each set:

  • NIMAS 1.1-conformant XML source file
  • OEBPS 1.2-compliant package file (NIMAS OPF file)
  • images [72 dpi set; 300 dpi set]
  • A PDF file of title/copyright page would also need to be present to make this a complete NIMAS fileset

Download NIMAS 1.1 Exemplar 10 with 72 dpi image set

Download NIMAS 1.1 Exemplar 10 with 300 dpi image set

The baseline NIMAS 1.1 fileset validates to the NIMAS v1.1 Technical Specification, the DAISY2005 DTD, the OEPBS 1.2 specification, and the NIMAC validator.

The baseline NIMAS fileset can be read by several software systems listed in Digital Reading Technologies.

National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS)

A technical standard used to produce XML-based source files for print-based educational materials.

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Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Artificial production of human speech, using special software and/or hardware.

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XML (EXtensible Markup Language)

Universal format for structured documents and data. Set of rules, guidelines, and conventions for designing text formats for data.

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PDF (Portable Document Format)

Universal computer file type used to exchange and view documents on any computer with Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader software installed.

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Document Type Definition (DTD)

Discrete set of XML tags, targeted at a particular type of application.

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National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC)

Central national repository established at American Printing House for the Blind to store, validate, maintain and disseminate NIMAS filesets.

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Conversions to HTML and XHTML

HTML Extension Fileset

These HTML files have been converted from their XML versions by changing their extension. The image set provided in this zip file contains 72 dpi images intended for on-screen use.

The primary use of an HTML extension file is to view content in a browser to ensure that it is complete and accurate as an aid to production. This version is not a student-ready version. To create an HTML extension version, change the file extension from YourFileName.xml to YourFileName.html. A CSS file must be added. A sample CSS file has been included in this exemplar. Edit the head section to add a reference to the CSS file. The CSS reference must match the CSS stylesheet filename.

The HTML extension fileset includes the following:

  • NIMAS 1.1 HTML ext.-only content file
  • images
  • CSS stylesheet

Download HTML Extension Fileset

XHTML Fileset

This XHTML validates to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional DTD. Its mark-up differs from that of the HTML extension-only files. The XHTML fileset includes the following:

  • XHTML content file
  • images
  • CSS stylesheet

Download XHTML Fileset

NIMAS Conversion Tool HTML Version

This HTML version was created using the NIMAS Conversion Tool.  It includes HTML files in leveled segments.  The HTML fileset includes the following:

  • HTML level segment files
  • images
  • CSS stylesheets

Download NIMAS Conversion Tool HTML Version

The HTML and XHTML extension filesets can be read by standard browsing software such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. In addition, it can be read by several software systems listed in Digital Reading Technologies.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

Provides the capacity to separate the layout and style of a web page from the content.

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Conversions to Braille

For the following braille examples, Braille2000 is able to process the output according to its own features and capabilities.

EasyConverter Braille2000 Version

This braille version was created using Dolphin's EasyConverter software.

The Braille2000-format fileset includes the following:

  • -.aux file
  • -.brl file

Download EasyConverter Braille Version

Braille2000, LLC (formerly CASC) Braille2000 Version

This Braille2000 version was created as ABT format using Braille2000 software. The version of Braille2000 software used was the Evaluation Version, Document Processing Edition. Consequently, this sample output file contains markers indicating that it was created by an evaluation version of Braille2000.

The Braille2000 output version includes the following:

  • -.ABT file

Download Braille2000 Version

Conversions to Other Outputs

Adobe Acrobat PDF Version

This Adobe Acrobat PDF version was generated automatically from an RTF output file with images and has no additional tagging.  The PDF version can be viewed with a variety of PDF viewers according to their own features and capabilities.  PDF readers can be found in Digital Reading Technologies.

Download PDF Version

DAISY Pipeline EPUB Version

This ePub format version was created automatically using the DAISY Pipeline (based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform) digital book converter. More information is available from the DAISY Consortium.

Download DAISY EPUB Version

Duxbury NimPro Format Version

This NimPro file was created using Duxbury's NimPro 1.0 software, designed to convert a NIMAS file into a format that can be easily converted into Braille.  The NimPro file can be processed with Duxbury DBT according to their own features and capabilities.

The Duxbury NimPro format version includes the following: -.nimpro format file (with embedded images)

Download Duxbury NimPro Version

EasyConverter DTB Output Version

This DTB was created using Dolphin's EasyConverter software.  The DTB can be processed by a variety of hardware and software readers according to their own features and capabilities. Dolphin’s Easy Converter software can also be used to create a Large Print Microsoft Word version.

The EasyConverter DTB fileset includes the following:

  • -.html, -.mp3, -.smil files
  • XML file
  • images

Download EasyConverter DTB Version

EasyConverter MP3 Audio Version

This MP3 version was created using Dolphin's EasyConverter software.  MP3 playlist can be used with a variety of players according to their own features and capabilities.

The EasyConverter MP3 fileset includes the following:

  • MP3 files
  • M3U file

Download EasyConverter MP3 Audio Version

EasyConverter Text Version

This text version was created using Dolphin's EasyConverter software.

Download EasyConverter Text Version


Distribution and interchange format standard for digital publications and documents.

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Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY)

Technical standard for producing accessible and navigable multimedia documents.

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Digital Talking Book (DTB)

Digitally encoded files containing audio portions and full text to increase quality and availability of information to print-disabled persons.

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