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AEM Center Wall of Appreciation


"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

– Henry Ford

With the five-year cycle of the AEM Center coming to a close, we’re taking the opportunity to recognize the agencies, organizations, and companies that have supported and contributed to the impact of our technical assistance in the field. Our “AEM Wall of Appreciation” is a reflection of the past, present, and future dedication to ensuring that all learners have timely access to the materials and technologies they need for equal participation, independence, and advancement toward their goals. The wall makes clear that this is a national crusade covering every sector that impacts learning and workforce preparation settings. And, although we know the AEM Center’s national reach is far, the wall is only a representation of the global effort taking place. Accessibility heroes are impacting learners everywhere and CAST is honored to support you - day in and day out.

AEM Center Leadership: Past - Present

  • Principal Investigators: David Rose and Jose Blackorby
  • Project Directors: Chuck Hitchcock, Skip Stahl, Joy Zabala, Cynthia Curry
  • OSEP Project Officers: Michael Slade, Gregory Knollman, Tara Courchaine 

AEM Center Partners

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) has been an invaluable partner in bringing attention to accessibility and AEM at a national level. We are also very proud to work with Bookshare and the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) to support the timely delivery of AEM. 

AEM Center Advisory Committee: Past and Present

The AEM Center’s  Advisory Committee has guided the creation of resources, products and services that are impactful and usable across a variety of stakeholder settings. Advisory Committee members represent a range of Early Learning, K-12 and Postsecondary education, and Workforce Development constituents. They bring expertise in the development and maintenance of technical specifications, in the design and implementation of technical assistance, and on the relationship of educational materials and technologies to learning outcomes. We are extremely grateful to have benefitted from their expertise and generosity over the last five years. 

  • Besty Beaumon
  • Karen Billings
  • Tara Bruss
  • Christopher Bugaj
  • Jeff Diedrich
  • Jay Diskey
  • Bill East
  • John Eisenberg
  • Rick Ferrie
  • Christine Fox
  • Jennifer Fritschi
  • Nicole Gaines
  • Matt Garrish
  • Bridget Gilormini
  • Diane Golden
  • Jim Halliday
  • Kim Hartsell
  • Debra Jennings
  • Christine Jones
  • Laura Kaloi
  • George Kerscher
  • Donna Lange
  • Christopher Lee
  • Christopher Loehse
  • Larry Marotta
  • Mike Marotta
  • Martin McKay
  • Daniel McNulty
  • Jan McSorley
  • Beth Mineo
  • Mark Nichols
  • Steve Noble
  • Carolyn Phillips
  • Rich Robison
  • David Schleppenbach
  • Paul Schroeder
  • Ruth Ziolkowski

AEM Best Practices Cohort

The AEM Best Practices Cohort has been the engine of the AEM Center, serving as our learning labs, sounding boards, quality panel, consultants, and collaborators. These individuals are the trailblazers of how the “provision of AEM in a timely manner” is accomplished.

  • Alaska: Mystie Rail
  • Florida: David Davis, Tony Dutra, Victoria Gaitanis, Janet Good, Carmelina Hollingsworth, Tara Jeffs, Karrie Musgrove, Gary Pearcy, Kay Ratzlaff, Cara Wilmot
  • Indiana: Daniel McNulty
  • Iowa: Joy Lyons, Maggie Pickett
  • Maryland: Marsye Kaplan, Val Emrich, Marny Helfrich, Linda Wilson
  • Minnesota: Joan Breslin-Larson, Kursten Dubbels, Kristin Oien
  • Ohio: Paula Mauro,  Jan Rogers,  Sarah Buoni, Rachel Schultz
  • Texas: Brent Pitt, Cecilia Robinson, Debbie Gonzales, Kathy Ferguson, Angela Standridge, Linda De Zell Hall, Vicki DePountis, Carol Trautman, Shannon Paige, Beth Goodrich, Jessica McKay, Lou Ann Rosario, Linda Titus

AEM Center Team: Past and Present

With CAST as its home, the AEM Center has flourished over the years. Our technical assistance has been infused by experts in accessibility and beyond, including UDL, adult learning principles, and organizational leadership. And our staff is just an overall caring group of human beings with a singular ambition: busting the barriers to learning that millions of people experience every day.

  • Shirley Antonellis
  • Kirk Behnke
  • Matthew Brambilla
  • Susan Brau
  • Diana Carl
  • Linda Gerstle
  • Boris Goldowsky
  • Janet Gronneberg
  • Mia Gross
  • Valerie Hendricks
  • Richard Jackson
  • Mindy Johnson
  • Sam Catherine Johnston
  • Joanne Karger
  • Susan Kingston
  • Carole Lacy
  • Scott Lapinski
  • Susan Micelli
  • Lynn McCormack
  • Steve Nordmark
  • Leslie O'Callaghan
  • Janet Peters
  • Luis Pérez
  • Katie Quin
  • Laura Sampson
  • Cassi Sell
  • Anita Simpson
  • Sherri Wilcauskas

AEM Center Evaluator

Our external evaluator, Brad Rose Consulting, was key to helping us reach our goals throughout the project. If you received a survey, Brad was behind it.