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Updated June 2015

The PALM Initiative (Purchase Accessible Learning Materials) is focused on encouraging purchasers to buy, and publishers and developers to create, accessible learning materials.

Schools and classrooms are increasingly using digital technologies. As this change takes place, it is imperative that all students have equal access to learning. Though there are many different factors that contribute to equal access, such as high-quality instruction, one particularly important aspect for students with disabilities is accessibility. When materials are designed to be accessible from the start, all students have the opportunity to gain the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same services as students without disabilities.

Both the supply and demand sides of the marketplace play important roles in ensuring that materials are accessible. Unfortunately, not all publishers and developers are aware of the importance of creating accessible learning materials, and not all purchasers and educators are aware that they need to buy and use accessible learning materials. Ensuring access for all requires a shift in the way learning materials are evaluated and purchased, as well as a shift in how materials are created. Rather than as an afterthought, both sides of the market must consider accessibility from the start.

For more information about the PALM Initiative, see our PALM Initiative page.

PALM Initiative (Purchase Accessible Learning Materials)

Create demand for, promote, and encourage development of accessible digital materials and technology to be used by all students.

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Equipment or system where principal function is creation, conversion, duplication, control, display, interchange, transmission, reception, or broadcast of data.

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Access for all people, including people with disabilities, to web environments.

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