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Inclusive STEM: Yes, Everyone Really Can Code!


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

4:00PM – 4:40PM ET

FETC 2019
Orlando, FL

Luis Pérez, AEM Center

Conference Attendees


Students with disabilities are significantly underrepresented in STEM careers, with fewer than 10 percent of all undergraduate students in STEM fields reporting a disability. It all starts in the early grades when students are first exposed to STEM activities. This session will explore techniques for making STEM content more accessible to all learners, followed by demonstrations of apps and extensions for improving access to math and science. We’ll also discuss how to use Swift Playgrounds for accessible coding and see demos of Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” and how it can be used with built-in iPad accessibility features such as VoiceOver and Switch Control to make coding accessible to all learners.

Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Print- and technology-based educational materials designed to be usable across the widest range of individual variability.

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Access for all people, including people with disabilities, to web environments.

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