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Minnesota Best Practices Cohort Update


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

11:50AM – 1:15PM CST

Charting the C's 2017: Cross Categorical Conference
Alexandria, MN

Diana Carl, Kursten Dubbles, and Kristin Oien


This presentation will include a discussion of AEM Basic topics such as: what are AEM, why provide AEM, who needs AEM, and how to acquire AEM when needed.  An update on current activities in MN related to the MN AEM Best Practices Cohort will be provided. 

XML (EXtensible Markup Language)

Universal format for structured documents and data. Set of rules, guidelines, and conventions for designing text formats for data.

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Unformatted text standard defining how computers write and read characters.

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American National Standards (ANSI)

Non-profit organization that administers and coordinates the U.S voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system.

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Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Print- and technology-based educational materials designed to be usable across the widest range of individual variability.

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