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Being an AEM State: At-A-Glance View



  • July 1st: Application deadline (extended deadline)
  • August 3rd: Announcement of the 5 States in the AEM Cohort 
  • August – October: AEM Center assists each AEM State Leadership Team with (1) selecting 3 school districts to join the Leadership Team and (2) forming an AEM Interagency Collaborative of representatives from early learning, higher education, workforce development, and parent centers. 
  • October – December (and into January if necessary): Each AEM State Leadership Team convenes its AEM Interagency Collaborative for a one-day kick-off meeting. AEM Center staff will assist with coordination and attend. A State AEM Implementation Plan is developed during the kick-off meeting.  

2021 - 2024 

  • Monthly:  
    • Each AEM State Leadership Team meets monthly for a 1-hour video conference with one or more AEM Center TA Specialists to execute the state’s AEM Implementation Plan.  
  • Bi-monthly: 
    • The AEM Cohort of 5 AEM States meets bi-monthly for a 1-hour video conference to exchange resources, share findings, and solve common problems. An AEM Center TA Specialist will facilitate.  
  • Quarterly: 
    • Each AEM State Interagency Collaborative stakeholder group meets quarterly with its AEM Center TA Specialist(s) for a 1 to 2-hour video conference. 
    • Each AEM State Leadership Team meets quarterly with its AEM Interagency Collaborative for up to 2 hours (virtually or in-person) to coordinate efforts on progress with the state’s AEM Implementation Plan. An AEM Center TA Specialist will participate upon request.  
  • Additional activities 
    • Conference presentations, such as SETDA events and the annual ATIA conference 
    • Webinars with AEM Center staff and other members of the AEM Cohort 
    • Support with the development of AEM Center resources for national dissemination  
    • Participation in limited project evaluation activities (e.g., surveys and interviews) 

Late 2023 – Early 2024 

  • Each AEM State Leadership Team convenes with its AEM Interagency Collaborative for a one-day meeting to develop a State AEM Sustainability Plan in preparation for the project’s conclusion in September 2024. AEM Center staff will assist with coordination and attend.